Pubg mobile tips
Pubg mobile tips

100+ PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips: PUBG has launched its smaller version which is for mobile devices (iOS and Android) named PUBG Mobile. By reducing its graphics configuration, map size, etc. and many more kinds of stuff. PUBG has over 50+ million downloads in the Google Play store with 4.4 ratings, which is rated by over 4,332,456+ peoples. And it is my favorite action game in 2018. And PUBG Mobile is released on March 19, 2018, only.

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now is September within 6 months it has gained too much popularity without any ad campaigns well PUBG is the best action, shooting; battle royale game I have ever played and I think PUBG deserves it. Those who are new to PUBG let me give you a quick overview on what PUBG is actually about and obviously if you are new to PUBG than only you will be here because a pro PUBG player will not search PUBG Mobile Tips.

  • .PUBG is a battle royale game
  • Where you are given an island or you can say map.
  • There will be 99 players more with you.
  • There are two maps basically Erangle and Miramar.
  • you have to collect supplies like weapons, gears, etc. for your survival.
  • And gradually the map’s circle is will decrease in size.
  • you have to be inside that circle otherwise you will die with slow damages gradually.
  • And the last standing person will be the winner.
  • Hence he or she will get chicken dinner with a unique quote “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

Now let’s talk about some important PUBG Mobile Tips by which a newbie can easily grab a chicken dinner. It will be in points so that you could understand nicely.

Pubg mobile tips
Pubg mobile tips

PUBG Mobile Tips Pro.

  1. First, choose where to land. Means a perfect place where you can get the best weapons.
  2. A PUBG match can last for 10-20 seconds or maybe it can last up to 30 mins, it totally depends on the player.
  3. If you are a noob than I would prefer that first 5 matches you should start only for searching best spots for supplies.
  4. Until you are not fully filled with supplies ignore other players as much as possible.
  5. So here are some best spots for weapons, armors, etc where almost every time you can get awesome supplies such as power plant, military base, and high towns.
  6. So there you can get the best loot of supplies. But you have to reach the spot as fast as possible because as now you know the best spots and these spots are already known by pro players.
  7. So I would suggest that reach their fast and take supplies and ran away from there in any other safe place don’t stay there if you want to win.
  8. If after jumping from the plane you can see other more than 4 players sporting the area where you have planned to be than avoid that area immediately.
  9. Before landing mark the area that will make more clarity where to land.
  10. If you are not able to decide where to land than open your parachute early and now you can decide where to land parachute will give you some time to decide as it is slower.
  11. But remember every second you are wasting in the sky will let your opponent get the better loot from you so try to choose area faster and land faster.
  12. Loot first shoot later.
  13. You can get the best weapons only in buildings.
  14. If an airdrop is fallen nearby you then take weapons from.
  15. Mostly from second airdrops, you can get the heavy and the most powerful sniper rifle named AWM.
  16. And luckily if you find one 8x scope than you can be the beast.
  17. Only you have to do just take some health packs.
  18. And go to the center position of the circle.
  19. Well, the circle is not kind any time the circle can change its position.
  20. But you have to be in the center of the circle with the beast AWM.
  21. And then just go prone and keep an eye around you from the peak.
  22. Surely you will be the winner.
  23. Only shoot when you are in range.
  24. First, you have to decide at what distance shot you can aim better.
  25. Then choose a weapon that suits you the best.
  26. For up-close burst damage, you should opt for shotguns (best is S12K), SMG’s.
  27. If you are a good mid-range shooter than you should go for pistols and mainly assault rifles.
  28. And if you are a long distance shooter than obviously, you should go for snipers such as the best AWM, Kar98k, etc.
  29. Keep an eye on the map.
  30. While players are not nearby just keep an eye on map’s circle.
  31. I would suggest that you should always be inside the white circle area.
  32. If the circle is shrinking and you are outside the white circle then.
  33. You should take a vehicle that is better than legs.
  34. Believe me or not you cannot beat that blue shrinking circle by running.
  35. If you are in team or squad or duo than communicate with your teammates.
  36. Don’t spread; always be in the maximum 10meter distance with your teammates.

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More tips & tricks are adding…..

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