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My name is Gaurav Yadav. and I am from India, Haryana, Rewari, Rajiaka. And I am the student of the 12th class non-medical (PCM). And I am a gamer. I Like to play and write about new games. My father name is Ramesh Kumar and he is a businessman. I want to be. I am Writing about PUBG on this blog. PUBG is the trending game in nowadays. Approx. Whole world play PUBG.

When My Life is going to hell. Then I Like To play PUBG. This is not a game only. It is a reality. Everyone going to kill someone with full planning for greedy. I want to write almost all the things about PUBG on this blog. PUBG is the Love.  You will enjoy here.You will get every update regarding PUBG here. You can check My profile on social websites.

Hope you will enjoy….!!

My Gmail:- srapschool1@gmail.com

Instagram:- Life is Zhand