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PUBG Mobile Lite APK Overview

PUBG Mobile Lite APK is an online multiplayer battle royale game; where you have to kill other 40 players for your survival. Let me give you a brief introduction of PUBG. You are dropped to an unknown island. Then you are given a parachute to land safely in the ground. After landing you have to loot some supplies like weapons, ammos, grenades, gears etc.

So after looting the second step is to find players and kill them. There are some popular fighting strategies such as –

Wait and Watch

Here players in squad or solo after landing on the island. They actually land in small areas where less players used to land sometimes no players. So they get fantastic loots from that area without any intruder’s disturbance. And then they find safe places inside the white circle on the edges of the white circle. And stay quite. After the circle starts shrinking again they again used the same strategy find a safe place and hide them again. So in this category I personally have seen players reached in Top 10 spot with 0 kills. Even I have been also tried this strategy. But trust me guys playing with this strategy is not so interesting. And in this strategy you will get afraid more and more from other players and if you somehow reached in top 5 spot with 0 kills than if any opponent finds you and come to you to kill you than seeing him suddenly will panic you. And in the game if you get panic onetime than 99% chances of being killed by other players.

First Loot than Shoot

This strategy in the most effective way to grab a chicken dinner. And I too follow this strategy. I hope most of the players too follow this. Here only you have to do is just land in a safe place and land as fast as possible and loot fast what you get. If you get any enemy near you than go for killing him; just focus on your loot. When you have looted enough that you can defeat any opponent or you can face anyone. And you are fully ready with armors, vests, weapons, explosives, gears, etc. then it’s the time get ready to fight. Now make any strategy and go face them.

Some players I have seen while getting only one gun they going to kill others but trust me this not going to be worked well if you are a noob. You are gonna be killed on the starting of the match. They fire only if they get only one gun and they maximum loot from players by killing them and not from buildings and this actually done by pro players. If you are a noob than don’t try this.

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Continuing to the overview.

After all the loots; you have to make any strategy to defeat others. On game you will get airdrops, there you can get most powerful supplies. Supplies like AWM, Mk14, Ghillie Suit, etc. and more. After every 2 min’s an airdrop drops. PUBG Mobile Lite is also has shrinking circles. But here circles are shrinking a bit faster than other PUBG versions as it has smaller map. PUBG Mobile Lite only has 2 × 2 kms (4 km square) where as other two PUBG versions have about 8 – 16 kms map size.

So PUBG Mobile Lite is too small in size. The real and official version of PUBG was launched in 23 March 2017. And the smaller version for this which is PUBG Mobile is released on 19 March 2018. By reducing official PUBG’s Graphics and map size for mobile devices like iOS and Android. You have to have a device with 2GB RAM and GPU Adreno 300+ and with above 400 series snapdragon processors. After that it has also launched for low end devices like 512MB, 1GB, 2GB RAM, etc. Well you can play PUBG Mobile with 2GB RAM but you need to have a good processors mentioned above. But if you don’t have good processors than you can opt for PUBG Mobile Lite. Only there is difference in player count, map size, graphics and remaining stuffs almost same.

PUBG Mobile Lite Apk Launch Date in India

By the way PUBG Mobile Lite apk is not launched yet for India. The Tencent team has not yet disclosed the exact date of PUBG Mobile Lite apk release in India. Well you can play from India by using any VPN service or DNS service. On the YouTube you can get tons of videos on this topic. If you suggest me to tell, which is the best service to play the game? than obviously DNS because DNS is not working 24 hrs. So you can use any of the vpn services in the playstore and connect to phillipines. Or use DNS service. For DNS process the best app is DNS Changer which you can get in Playstore.

Using VPN or DNS Service

Just download and launch, choose custom dns, than type Philippines dns server address. You can get tons of dns server address on Google ( this address worked for me smoothly you can also try this).

In PUBG Mobile Lite apk you can get almost all the features of the game. But you don’t get different maps; here you only get one map which is a little portion of erangel. You also get the solo/duo/squad feature.

But in 2-3 days before tencent has released the 0.9.0 version of PUBG Mobile Lite; where they have added arcade mode. So my prediction is that when the update of 1.0.0 will release that version will be for India. And I hope they will soon release that with more map choices; means smaller version of Miramar, Sanhok, war mode, etc. Tencent has not released any 0.6, 0.7 or 0.8 after the 0.5 update they have directly released 0.9 update. So I think India release date is coming soon.

So if you wanted to play PUBG Mobile Lite apk now than you can simply download from third party sources like apkpure, aptoid, uptodown, etc. here PUBG Mobile Lite will always be free.

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