How to Enable PUBG Mobile Night Mode

PlayersUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) has launched PUBG Mobile Night Mode. So if you are a PUBG lover than you must be wanted to play the night mode of PUBG Mobile. With the release of PUBG Mobile version 0.9.0 it has come with awesome night mode, new vehicles, new weapons, and much more updates are there.

In some of the player’s device they are not able to play the night mode version because they have not updated their game to 0.9.0. But after updating also they are not able to play the night mode. So today I will share some tips to know whether night mode is enabled or not. Night mode is not a feature or option that you can choose and play like Classic and Arcade modes. PUBG Mobile Night Mode is a random feature; means while playing PUBG Mobile randomly weather changes to night. You can’t predict or tell that when the night mode will arrive, it can be or it cannot be. So it’s totally depends on the PUBG Mobile system. But you verify and know that in this match you will surely get night mode.

Even I have played PUBG Mobile with the latest update for the night mode but I only got one time experience. I have played PUBG Mobile 20+ times in a row but got only one time. So you cannot confirm that you will surely get night mode. But there is a tip for you by which you can actually confirm that you will surely get night mode in this match. Night mode doesn’t come on any new map it randomly occurs in the exiting maps Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. So if you go through these tips than you can surely get night mode in any pubg match.

So let’s talk about how to enable pubg mobile night mode

I know if you are a pubg lover than you might be very much excited about pubg mobile night mode. Because your eyes might be burning out on the burning day mode map and now you need a relaxing night mode; where your eyes will get much relief and finding enemies will be much harder than before. But don’t worry for that the Tencent team has added a night goggles which will enable you to see on the night mode clearly and to spot enemies better.

How to Enable PUBG Mobile Night Mode

  1. Install the latest update from playstore which is 0.9.0.
  2. Launch the game.
  3. Choose any map from the three. But remember only choose maps in classic mode because you will get night mode only in classic mode and not in arcade mode.
  4. So choose any map of the three. And choose player solo / duo / squad.
  5. And start the match. When the match will start if you remember you are getting 30 sec’s time of waiting where all the players wait for joining others.
  6. In that section of 30 sec’s see on the bottom right corner; if you are able to see a text [ Day/Night ] than 101% sure that you will get night mode in this match. Go ahead and enjoy. And if not shown this text than your bad luck, you have to wait a bit more.

So this is the tips for How to Enable PUBG Mobile Night Mode. This was all about the night mode. Now we will see what new other updates came in PUBG Mobile 0.9.0.

So whats new in 0.9.0 –

  • Night mode (new weather mode).
  • Erangel map improvements.
  • Halloween effects (festival stuffs added).
  • Night mode is only added to Erangel for now but soon it will launch for Miramar and Sanhok as well.
  • Only in classic mode you can night mode.
  • For spotting enemies in night mode a night vision goggles is added.
  • In some areas some new buildings were added.
  • Added some trees in wide empty areas.
  • A new display style added to the settings.
  • Halloween mode added.
  • All maps are binded with festive effects.
  • In all maps you also could be see pumpkins and candies.
  • When you throw a grenade at the time of explosion a spooky face will appear.

Festive Changes

  • And during the Halloween festive season there are more chances of getting night mode in any match, you can say up to 50%.
  • In Sanhok Mini14 has been replaced with QBU DMR rifle which fires in 5.56mm rounds. DMR means Designated Marksman Rifle. Some rifles like Kar98k, AWM, M24 is also called as DMR rifle.
  • In Sanhok a new vehicle called Rony pickup truck is added.
  • Also a random music play in the vehicle while driving; this was might be experienced by you in GTA series. By the way it also can be turned off in the vehicle settings.
  • In FPP (First Person Perspective) vehicle interior view is added, means driver and passenger view.
  • While crouching or prone the bullet spread accuracy is reduced.
  • The recoiling of AKM is reduced.
  • While firing the recoiling animation looks more realistic now.
  • The previous launched QBZ and the newly launched QBU rifle has been added new magazine attachment models.
  • Added brake button in mode 1 and mode 2 as well.
  • In night mode vehicle lights has been tuned.
  • A fantastic and awesome option added which is while matching the pubg system will first find players which speak same language to you. So it will be easy to communicate. And this is my favorite feature.
  • Spectator mode has been added. Now players can watch other player’s gameplay after being killed also.
  • Resolved lagging issues while facing other players or managing inventory.
  • If you have updated to 0.9.0 than the in game download map will be less in size like Miramar will be only 13 MB, whereas original Miramar is 300+ MB in size.

So this was all about How to Enable PUBG Mobile Night Mode. If you really liked it than don’t forget to share.


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