How to Find Rare Things in PUBG_ Flare Gun, Airdrop (1)
How to Find Rare Things in PUBG_ Flare Gun, Airdrop (1)

How to Find Rare Things in PUBG? Flare Gun, Airdrops

So today I’m gonna let you guys know about How to Find Rare Things in PUBG. In this article, I’ll try to cover every single rare thing possible. But if the articles go too long then these will be divided into parts. So in this article I’m gonna tell you only about how to Find Flare Gun in PUBG; and How to Get Every Airdrop in PUBG. So stay tuned for the next part of it.

How to Find Rare Things in PUBG_ Flare Gun, Airdrop (1)
How to Find Rare Things in PUBG_ Flare Gun, Airdrop (1)

How to Find Flare Gun in PUBG?

Flare gun is recently added to PUBG. So not every player has seen it used because of its only available in custom matches.

Flare Gun which is a pistol type weapon, means its look and feel is totally like a pistol. Which is now only can be found in custom matches and event mode. So basically what the flare gun does? It actually calls a custom airdrop. So how does it works?

The flare gun can’t be found everywhere in the map; there are some extremely secret places where you can get the flare gun. So the flare gun in called as an extremely rare weapon. So its basic work is to call a custom airdrop. You cannot shoot players with this gun. And by chance, you have shot any player with the flare gun the player will cause no damage. This can only be used to call custom airdrops. So when you will get a flare gun; you just have to fire it while aiming the sky.

So what is the difference between the flare gun’s custom airdrop and the system’s default airdrop? There is a huge difference between both of them and that is; the custom airdrop, which is called by flare gun that contains more valuable equipment as compared to the default airdrop; which contains only 3-4 valuable equipment. Such as AWM, Groza, Ghillie suit, etc. but the custom airdrop contains much more than these.

So basically when the flare gun’s shot reaches an altitude of 200 meters up in the air; A plane will fly over the map and drop a custom airdrop.

And the Flare gun is based on the Orion 12 gauge flare gun.

So now the question is How to Find Flare Gun in PUBG?

The flare gun is currently available in custom matches only so you can’t get it on the normal matches. When the custom drop will land, you can also decide the drop area; means where you want the custom drop to be land. And at a time you can only get a single loot box. So don’t try to shoot flares again and again, as it won’t work.

So what are the locations to find the Flare Gun?

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Erangel map Flare gun locations.

  1. Zharki
  2. Shooting Range
  3. Between Severny and Stabler (in the small group of buildings which is near the sea beach).
  4. Exactly at the middle position (near the sea beach) of Kameshki and Lipovka.
  5. School
  6. Exactly in the sea beach and exactly between Swamp Town and Primorsky
  7. Ferry Pier
  8. Sosnovka Military Base
  9. There are two building groups exactly near sea beach between Sosnovka Military Base and Novorepnoye
  10. Spawn Island (see the upper right corner on the map)

Note: These locations are only for Erangel Map.

So after shooting the flare, it will stay some time in the air; mean it’s successfully done. And then a box will drop full of weapons and other equipment.

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How to Get Every Airdrop in PUBG

Before jumping to, how to get every airdrop in PUBG; And how to loot that boxes every time. Some important points that you should keep in mind.
  • If a drop falls in front of you or anywhere else and you want to loot that.
  • Don’t directly go for collecting loots.
  • If any tree or building or any obstacles are there near the box.
  • Then wait there sometimes by hiding yourself.
  • Then you can see that some more players are coming near the box to loot that.
  • But you will remain to stay hidden.
  • And when the player collects supplies; he/she will be in a straight standing position.
  • Then give a headshot then all yours.
  • But don’t go suddenly after killing one player.
  • Stay more time in your hidden place at least up to 20-25 sec.
  • Then you can simply loot all the equipment as well as weapons easily.
  • Just take a vehicle and move on to the next drop.
  • So this way you can loot almost every airdrop.

Now where the airdrop actually drops?

  • The first drop will be anywhere inside the white circle 100% sure.
  • The second drop will drop inside the blue circle and outside of the white circle 100% sure.
  • And maximum airdrops basically drops in between Georgopoulos and Rozhok exactly (near the sea beaches). In Orange.
  • At least 9 drops you can get between Georgopol and Rozhok. In Erangel.
  • So take the vehicle and roam around these two cities.
  • At Erangel you can get the maximum number of airdrops.
  • So fromthe first-2nd drop, you can get Ghillie suit (97% chances), AWM (60% chances).
  • From last-2nd drop, you can get Ghillie suit (98% chance), AWM (80% chances).
  • And in mid drops, you can get AWM as well as M24 (70% chances).
  • This is very rare that you will get AWM along with Ghillie Suit.
  • The third drop will be again inside the white circle.
  • The fourth drop will again be inside of the blue circle and outside of the white circle.
  • This way the airdrops will drop alternatively.

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