PUBG 1.0 for Xbox One Review (1)
PUBG 1.0 for Xbox One Review (1)

PUBG 1.0 for Xbox One Review

PUBG 1.0 for Xbox One Review: As you know and other gamers already know that how PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds in short PUBG was going on. There are 100 players which skydive down to any of the three islands. There they fight for gears and supplies. And they fight with each other to be the player who will be the last standing person. And the player will be respected by a unique quote “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

PUBG is the game who just increased the craze or level of the battle royale game to the next level. By its awesome realistic graphics gameplay. And now it launched for Xbox One as well, also the Xbox version of PUBG works well and the version is final. The update of version 1.0 that has arrived just last week for Xbox One.

PUBG 1.0 for Xbox One Review (1)
PUBG 1.0 for Xbox One Review (1)

PUBG has finally achieved 1.0 release on the Xbox one launching with a new map an event pass. And a whole bunch of achievements for people to go after. And I’m sure you guys have a ton of questions namely how does the game run? Now is it better than it was before? Is it fixed? And I’m gonna answer all those questions in this review for a PUBG.

I have played the game for a while and for a few days. So I’m gonna give a review on that. So I’ve seen it all. I’ve been there through the bad the terrible frame rates; the play dough buildings the constant disconnections and drops. And we’re actually getting to a much more stable point now with the game.

Is the game perfect? Does it run like a dream?

It doesn’t this game I’ve come to realize will never be a hundred percent fixed. It’s always going to have issues. It’s never going to run at 30 frames per second and the dream of it ever achieving 60 frames per second; like originally Brandon Green said before the game launched is something that will never ever happen.

But it is better from December until now the frame rate, in my opinion, has gotten much improved. However, it does drop especially at the worst times when you’re in a small area with a lot of people and a lot of different things. When the frame rate falls, that sucks because that normally happens in the final circle. And it really affects the outcome.

You know especially when you’re scoping down your gun and if there’s a lot of things going on like a lot of cars destroyed or smoke coming out of the cars. Then you’ll notice that framerate going down. But it is better now.

YouTube Play Dough Effect

You’ll see on YouTube everywhere is the play dough effect. And honestly since this game as I’ve been playing on the Xbox One X. I’ve actually never personally seen the play dough effect. And the new map Sanhok and Erangel they actually load pretty quickly now. Miramar, however, is a different story as that one takes a little bit longer to load in; for me when I land in the boxing arena or hot drop in Hacienda, the textures will be there but some of the stuff on the inside will take a little bit to load. And it’s a little bit disappointing that was nine months into development and one of the maps doesn’t run right. And still takes a while to load in.

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But I’m happy to say that two of the maps at least you know at least loading pretty fast. And one of the biggest issues that kind of plagued this game during the early development was the crashes. This game had a nasty habit of crashing back to the dashboard after playing four or five games. I’m happy to report that hey I haven’t crashed in PUBG in a couple months. So that has been completely fixed. Whether it was a memory leak or whatever I’m not really sure what it was. But it plagued PUBG for months after release. But now that has been fixed.

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So what is actually added in 1.0? I’m sure you guys know you have two maps to choose from previously an Erangel and Miramar. Miramar these were the desert map. Now they have added Sanhok which is the Asian kind of jungle map that is super small. And I played this map. I kind of like it because it is very action heavy. If you want to get good at PUBG. If you want to get good at the aiming. Then play this map and drop in on one of the big cities. And you will be forced to get better because the thing about this map is it’s so small. And there are a hundred players so you’re bound to have another team next to you. But the great thing about it or one of the biggest downsides depending on which side of the fence you’re on; is there is ammo and weapons all over the place on Miramar and Erangel.

Weapons and Gears

It’s pretty tough to find an M4 or Scar or one of the sniper rifles right away. But go into any single building in Sanhok and my god. You’ll find the QBU or the QBZ, which are the two new weapons added. Which are assault rifles and sniper rifles? You’ll find tons of them four’s pumps and vectors as far as the eye can see. And just ammo everywhere with you. Also can get level 2 helmets and backpacks and health. It’s basically a map designed for you to get in there pick up some stuff, kill some people die and rinse. And repeat as the games don’t last very long. But because everything is so close quarters and that kind of has an issue with the frame rate; especially when you know you’re in paradise which is a big town. Thirty people land there the framerate really suffers.

Now they’ve announced they’re also adding war mode at the end of September. And as much as I want to play that limited time mode. I think they said it’s gonna be on weekends; I’m kind of shuddering to think about what the frame rates gonna be in that because war mode is usually a small section of the map. And people just respawn over and over; and the way this map runs right now I’m kind of dreading, how war mode will run.

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