PUBG Latest Updates, All Current & Future Updates
PUBG Latest Updates, All Current & Future Updates

PUBG Latest Updates, All Current & Future Updates

Tencent has released news that PUBG Mobile new update will arrive today

According to Tencent the new update of PUBG Mobile with Sanhok new map; version 0.8.0 will release at 1 am in the UK. But Tencent has not revealed the exact time, maybe it could release in between 1 am – 9 am today; means on 12 September.

Community of PUBG

In the community of PUBG we found more from a community manager he explains that; “For an instance, we are still ensuring that before opening the floodgate; it will be good for the Philippines and the UK to roll first on the global level.”

PUBG Latest Updates, All Current & Future Updates
PUBG Latest Updates, All Current & Future Updates

Downloading PUBG New Update

So for downloading the new map of PUBG Mobile all you have to do is just update the game for the Google Play store or also you can download from other sources. But there also an in-game download available that you have to download when you have launched the game for the first time after updating the game. This in-game download is for the new map.

In-Game Downloading Update

So now you are might be thinking that why not the update is in one place? Can’t it be possible that we just have to update from one place for the whole game and just play; so it is because they have done a few optimizations on not only the new Sanhok map but also in all the three maps and hence they released in-game heftier download from their servers directly. And they believe that it will benefit you.

PUBG mobile servers are back online after a long period of downtime

Today at morning Tencent has started the maintenance break for the next big update of the new Sanhok map with version 0.8.0. And according to the Tencent team, it will only go live in 12 September. There we got a suggestion that this new Sanhok update will get to the UK players a bit early but it will be released globally within max 48 hours.


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So what’s new in the new update except for Sanhok.

  • Clans: Yes you can create clans, add members or your friends also you can join others clans and more.
  • Perks on Clan: when you will get any items through luck or might be you have purchased than PUBG will reward you with some amount of UC which is for players and that UC you can share with your friends or can receive from others which could be your clan members.
  • Clan Titles: You can equip new clan titles after any purchase.
  • Ranking your Clan: You can also watch clan rankings means now PUBG will rank the most active clans in a weekly ranking and even in seasons.

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What Tencent Has Said?

The Tencent team has said that the PUBG Mobile servers will go offline and according to their latest information the maintenance break will be extended and last up to 8 hours. But there is not fixed that this will take time, it could also be held fast; means the downtime could be decreased and take less time and the servers will come back online sooner. And it is come to know that the PUBG Mobile downtime will be around 9 am in the UK.

Server Downtime

And after all these the good news is that the official PUBG Mobile’s new update which is 0.8.0 will be launched in the Google Play store as well as App store. Means it will take around 24 hours to drop the patch but it is confirmed that it will be launched within 12 September which includes the most exciting content for the game. So here is the official time when the Tencent team will take the servers down for a maintenance break and that is from 00:00 – 08:00 (UTC) on 11th September.

It will take some time to be back online of the server, it totally depends on the maintenance progress but there are possibilities too that it could be back online sooner if the maintenance progress will be less a bit or patched fast. But as expected it will release at the starting of 12th September.

Exact Release Time of Sanhok New Map.

So from this server downtime, it is not totally clear that as soon as the downtime will over you will get the new update with the new Sanhok map. Perhaps you have to wait a bit more periods of time to get the new Sanhok map update. And what was shared on the official PUBG Mobile Reddit Page, that fans expecting the Sanhok map will go live, as soon as the content that is available.

Some new stuff that will come with the new update –

  • You can get a new flare gun on the map which is of red color.
  • There will be a new QBZ rifle.
  • There will be a new Pick-up Truck and you can customize that at your preferences.
  • Anti-cheating: Means there will be an improved anti-cheating plug-in that can detect cheaters, hackers who are applying cheats, scripts, mods, etc. And you will also have the more accessibilities report menu. There you can report any player if you find something fishy.
  • PUBG Mobile Patches (or you can new updates) –
  • Sanhok (main update).
  • QBZ Rifle (which is an automatic rifle).
  • Flare Gun with unique gun red color (which you can get in airdrops).
  • Bulletproof UAZ vehicle which has 4 seats.
  • Muscle Car vehicle which also has 4 seats and it comes with both hardtop and convertible.
  • Now you can customize quantities of the pick-up in settings. Means you can specify the quantities of pick-up.
  • The anti-cheating plug-in is more improved.
  • In more pages report buttons added. Means more report buttons accessibilities are added to spectator mode.
  • The update has not yet available in India but it will soon hit the Indian market.

The most interesting update of PUBG Mobile:

Tencent Games is hosting the biggest eSports gaming championship for PUBG Mobile Players in India from 26th September to 21st October. PUBG Mobile championship is open for college students.

And if you want to participate in the championship than you have to qualify in online and finals that will be held in Bengaluru. And you will be amazed when you will get to know the winning prize pool which is of 50 lakhs where the first ranked squad will receive 15 lakhs of rupees.

Isn’t it cool let me know in the comment section whether you are participating or not.

More information about this competition click here.



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