How to Hack PUBG Mobile? (PUBG Mobile Hack 2018)

If you are new in PUBG Mobile then you can’t survive much time in any match. So you might be wondering that if I could have some super powers then I could get the chicken dinner. And for this you might be wondering of using any cheats or mods in the game as like you are using in the PC game GTA series; then no you can’t do that. But you can use scripts execution mods. Means which mod feature you want it can be wallhack (which is the most popular hack), aimbot, aim assist, instant kill, etc. you can directly download that scripts from the internet and simply execute on the game.

So if you use script hacks than without any game strategies you can win as your player will get super powers (that you are wondering).

PUBG Mobile Overview

So PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrouds. PUBG Mobile is the lighter version of the official PC game PUBG. In PUBG Mobile there are low graphics as compared to official PUBG. And you get an 8×8 km’s size of map which is smaller than the official PUBG; where you are dropped to an island with other 99 players. Here you also can play solo, duo and squad. And you are given a parachute for safe landing. After landing you have to collect supplies such as collecting weapons, grenades, med kits, etc.

After that you have to kill other players for your survival. But it not ends here. After sometimes a plane will go through over the map. From the plane an airdrop will drop. And there you can find more powerful weapons that you can’t get into ordinary buildings or areas. You can get rifles like AWM, M24, etc, machine guns, assault rifles, a special suit Ghillie Suit(which you can use for snipping). And there will be two circle blue and white. White is the safezone or playzone. Blur is the extended area that goes on shrinking white circle also shrinks. This circles force players to fight with each other for survival and be the last man standing. And can grab an awesome reward which is “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

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PUBG Mobile Hack with GameGuardian

GameGuardian is one of the best tools for game hacking. And it is much safe than other tools on the internet. So we will be using GameGuardian for hacking PUBG Mobile. By GameGuardian you can hack almost every apps and games. You can execute scripts in the GameGuardian. And this feature only you can get in the app GameGuardian. GameGuardian needed root access to operate in your device. If your device is not rooted than you cannot use GameGuardian. GameGuardian is much safe than other apps on the internet because it has stealth mode. So there is less chance of getting detected. So GameGuardian is little bit safer to use for modding as compared to other modding apps.

Warning: – if your account get banned than we are not responsible. So do at your own risk. A banned account can never be recovered. Once banned means it’s permanently banned.


  • A rooted device.
  • GameGuardian app.
  • Hack scripts (.Lua files).
  • PUBG Mobile (obviously).
  • Patience

PUBG Mobile Hack with GameGuardian Steps

Step 1: you will need a rooted device as GameGuardian only runs in rooted devices.

Step 2: Now download and install GameGuardian. Once search on Google and you will get the app. Installation process is as simple as other apps.

Just turn on unknown sources and click on the app and install.

Step 3: After the installation of GameGuardian. Install the game PUBG Mobile. Or if you have installed the game before than you are good to go.

Step 4: After the installation of both the requirements just restart your device once.

Step 5: Now we have to start the hacking process. Launch GameGuardian.

Step 6: After launching GameGuardian minimize it. Then launch PUBG Mobile.

Step 7: Loading after the game fully. Click on the GameGuardian Icon that you will get popping up on the screen.

Step 8: Now click on Menu option. And then click on Execute Script.

Step 9: Now download any PUBG Mobile hack script from the internet. You can get it easily just search PUBG Mobile hack script you will get many. Just download any of the following. Its name could be like this “PUBG_Mobile_hack.lua”. Means extension can be .Lua (Lua is programming language especially for Games). So download any lua script for your game.

Step 10: Move the Lua script file where you can find easily the script.

Step 11: So when you click on the Execute script. You have to find the folder where you have downloaded or moved the lua script file for game. Choose the script and tap on Execute.

Step 12: and after this the game will start once again from scratch.

Step 13: After the game has fully loaded. Once again click on the GameGuardian icon. And select “New Bypass (open after tencent logo)”.

Step 14: Almost done now the script will be fully loaded. And then select any hacks at your preferences. You can get various hacks like Wallhack menu, color menu, etc. if you want to play with wall hack mod than select wall hack mod menu. And then you will get more option such as Chip Snap 620+, WallHack + Color Yellow, Chip Snap 835, Chip Snap 845, etc. and many more. WallHack + Color Yellow allow you to see other players who are behind any wall that could be seen in yellow color to get them target easily. This is an awesome hack also you can shoot without being any wall stopping your bullets.

And Booooom! You are done. You just hacked PUBG Mobile. Now enjoy and grab some chicken dinner. So this was the ultimate tutorial on PUBG Mobile Hack. Hope you enjoyed the article and if you really do then don’t forget to share with your friends. We will be right back soon till then checkout out previous articles. Thank you bye bye!


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