pubg player count steam
pubg player count steam

PUBG Player Count

PUBG Player Count Goes below 1 Million

According to the SteamBD PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; PUBG’s Player count or their number of players are slouching. Because PUBG the game now has fewer than 1 million players over the whole year and it has happened for the first time.

So means now current players that are away from the game PUBG is a huge amount and that is 40,000 means there are 960,000 active players on PUBG from the mark of 1 million. And this is dipped as well as very closely matches with the release of the legendary game that is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta. Thinking it’s a coincidence? Perhaps not.

pubg player count steam
pubg player count steam

PUBG was the best battle royale game over the past year and it’s worked as a driver for the battle royale craze. But PUBG has failed in its motive to sustain its larger numbers of players due to some factors that could be internal as well as external factors.

Because there are various reasons one of them is tough competitions; Yes you heard right, as you know very well that after the release of PUBG more similar games are launched with the same PUBG’s battle royale concept. One of them is Fortnite. As PUBG needs a quite good configuration PC to be operated.

PUBG Mobile

So for mobile devices, many games are launched with as it is graphics of PUBG with just minor changes in concept. But the duplicates can run in low-end devices and that is the advantages of the duplicate games of PUBG. Games like The Last Survivor, Garena Free Fire, etc. more are there. So the duplicates are tough competitors. Which affected the PUBG Player counts. And for PC games the most obvious is Fortnite.

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Whereas other upcoming games also slowly go on to the capitalization on that genre and by making different modes for their various games. The PUBG game also full of bugs and that causes performance low level and for this PUBG Corp. are forced to run a campaign on “Fix PUBG”.

Suddenly a news rumored that revealed the upcoming snow map of PUBG that is the fourth map of PUBG. Also, the news has a new vehicle alongside. The snow map of PUBG is bigger than Sanhok.

But snow map is smaller than the two previous maps that are Erangel (Which is the very first map of PUBG, and its 8×8 KM in size), Miramar (these is the second map of PUBG and it’s also 8×8 KM in size). And the size of the new upcoming map, The Snow Map of PUBG is 6×6 km.

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PUBG Player Count

Let’s talk about PUBG vs. Fortnite Player Count. So when the decision comes on which PC games you should play than you don’t have to follow the crowd instead you can find yourself that which PC game is comfortable and enjoyable for you. Well, there are two beasts nowadays which are PUBG and Fortnite and are the most populated game on the internet.

But nowadays the Fortnite’s effort has become a bigger beast than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) means Fortnite is the winner of the fight when it comes to PUBG vs. Fortnite Player Count. Fortnite battle royale has achieved at least 40 million players per month and 3+ million concurrent users. And you should not affect your decision by seeing this huge player count of Fortnite. If you like Fortnite more than PUBG than you should play Fortnite and you should play PUBG if you like PUBG more than Fortnite.

Now other than PUBG vs. Fortnite Player Count we can consider the map sizes of the two games PUBG and Fortnite also where there is sky-ground difference in their maps, PUBG’s map is realistic and 8×8km in size means vertically, horizontally, top to bottom, left to right it is 8 km’s; In PUBG Mobile the map size is 4×4km; and in PUBG Mobile Lite the map size is 2×2km; And the Sanhok map of PUBG is 4×4km is size.

PUBG Vs. Fortnite’s Map Size

Whereas Fortnite’s map is much smaller than the map of PUBG’s Erangel and Miramar maps. But the new map Sanhok of PUBG is an exception and it is even smaller than the Fortnite’s killing zone.

Due to the PUBG’s bigger map, you have to much depend on vehicles because if you forget about the shrinking circle than the vehicle could save you to move fast and beat the shrinking circle otherwise you cannot beat the shrinking circle by running as the map is too bigger.

Well the Fortnite’s maps are small there is no need of vehicles but then also they have featured vehicles like shopping carts, all-terrain karts, etc. Which is not as fast as PUBG’s vehicles.

In PUBG’s Erangel map you can make strategies because there you can get hiding place due to small islands, trees, obstacles, items, buildings, etc. where you can hide and reach to the position where you want to be without facing any enemies.

But in Miramar map of PUBG you cannot hide due to its open area it’s like a desert where you don’t get much hiding places as compared to Erangel. PUBG vs. Fortnite Player Count.

So if you really enjoyed the article then don’t forget to share it with your friend’s facebook wall. And let us know in the comment section below that which map among the four maps (Obviously one is upcoming [Snow Map]) you like the most. If you want to know my personal favorite will be the snow map one. Or maybe you are moving to another game by leaving PUBG if so let us know in the comment section that to which game you are moving from PUBG and what is the reason for leaving PUBG.

Fortnite Player Count

So Fortnite player count has reached the maximum. Means on 20th September 2018 the developers of Fortnite which is Epic Games has announced that; Fortnite one of the most popular online battle royale game, which going to beat the Legend Battle Royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). But September 21th, 2018 the developers of Fortnite have reported that they have achieved 78 million monthly users which is the new record.

So here are some FAQs that might knock your brain.

If you want to know how many active players are there in Fortnite; there are 125+ million active users per month including all platforms.

If you want to know how much is Fortnite earning from their players than; According to Forbes in the year of 2018, Feb they have earned up to $126 million. In March they have earned up to $223 million. And in April they have earned up to $296 million. So you can say that the company is in huge profit. And they have earned so much that they are organizing $100 million Fortnite competition. There is a research firm named SuperData and they have estimated Fortnite’s annual income up to $3.5 billion. SuperData is a company which mainly research on video games.

You might be thinking that how much Epic Games worth is now after releasing fortnite? So Epic Games worth up to $5 billion to $8 billion now. Fornite has given a super boost to Epic Games.

Now in some a days a question might arrive to you that which game is the most popular after releasing the two games PUBG and Fortnite. And you have believed that Fortnite and PUBG will surely take the first and second place. But the answer is no.

At first position League of Legends took place.

At second position Fortnite took place.

And at third position Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft took place.

And finally at fourth position PUBG took place.

If you are thinking similar to my thoughts than you are my brother. Why the legend game PUBG is in the 4th place. We thought PUBG will be in the first place and Fortnite at second spot. I don’t know who the stupids are; in the world of PUBG and Fortnite they are playing League of Legends and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. We want to see the PUBG at the first spot. As PUBG is the very fast battle royale realistic game who have beaten the another legend GTA V in comparison to graphics. Yes there are some bugs in PUBG the game is not fully optimized. But it’s my personal favorite. Hope you also think like me. And if you really do you are my real brother.

So that’s was only opinion about PUBG and Fornite. And if are a fan of other games than don’t angry and hyper these was just an opinion of a PUBG and Fortnite lover. Well you can ignore if you are a fan of other games other than PUBG and Fortnite.

So stay tuned with your own site that is We will come back again with more interesting articles and more stuff; till then you can check out our previous articles gameplay videos and more. Bye Bye! Take care and have a great day. Thank you. See you soon.


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