The Full Story of Nun Doll in PUBG & Blood Lake

A Brief Introduction of PUBG

The Full Story of Nun Doll in PUBG.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a survival battle royale game. There you have to be the last standing person for the reward “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. So it’s a very popular game of 100 players since 2017 and my personal favorite. PUBG is available for Xbox, PC, Android and iOS, etc and soon it will be available for PS4 as well.

PUBG Mobile

For mobile devices it is called as PUBG Mobile; which needs above 3GB’s of RAM and a good processor with clock speed above 1.0 GHz. But you also can play PUBG Mobile on 2GB RAM phones. If you have a processor of Snapdragon Qualcomm 410 or above with clock speed of 1.2 GHz or above; also if you have a GPU Adreno 306 then you can play PUBG smoothly with low graphics settings.

But if your device is below 2GB of RAM than you can simply play PUBG Mobile Lite; which is a lite version of the official PUBG Mobile. You can play PUBG Mobile Lite in RAM’s of 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB of devices very very smoothly; where you will get 40 players instead of 100 players.

And if you ask me that PUBG Mobile Lite is a better game or not. Then I will recommend you not to play PUBG Mobile Lite. Because it’s a very very lite version of the official PUBG so you will not feel the reality of the game. For this I would recommend you to play “Garena Free Fire” if you are under 2GB Ram because this is much better than PUBG Lite.

So basically in some recent days some rumors gone viral that there are Nun Doll in PUBG’s Sanhok map which is the new map. And also a Blood Lake in the Sanhok Map itself. In Google, YouTube, Reddit, etc everywhere nun doll and Blood Lake. So let’s see what it is?

The Full Story of Nun Doll in PUBG

So today we are going to read a Reddit post and that is basically a creepy pasta story. If you don’t know what a creepy pasta story is; then this is basically a horror related stories. So while reading posts on reddit about PUBG. I got a post about the mannequin doll. The doll that you got a couple of times on PUBG’s new map Sanhok. And really it’s very scary. And people basically call it a Nun Doll. So today I’m going to reveal some facts and truths about that scary Nun Doll.

If you are playing PUBG Sanhok than surely you have encountered a scary doll in the houses of the Sanhok map. So it’s looks very similar to the Vodo doll. If you don’t know what a Vodo Doll is; then basically it is a doll that is used to connect and control spirits.

Sanhok Temple

There is a Temple in Sanhok map; that has a very similar resemblance to the Mayan temple. So in an internet search it is found that in the temple of Mayan; mayan peoples basically used to sacrifice small girls to satisfy their god. And sacrifice of the small girls they used to keep on a cave. So basically the cave is “Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave” generally called as “Belize’s ATM Cave”.

So there they used keep sacrifices of girls. And those girls are being sacrificed their spirits are being kept on a doll which is known as Vodo Doll. That dolls are used to keep on their houses so that after dying they could not take revenge for their sacrifice and they feel like they are still in their homes.

Sanhok Cave

And the strange thing is that in map of Sanhok this cave is available. And alongside in the map of Sanhok there going on a work of digging to find some Mayan Architectures. If you add these three locations cave, temple and quarry then you will see a triangle. And if you calculate the latitude and longitude of the central part then there is a house in the Erangel map, where players used report strange, ghost activities and glitches. So this was the story behind all these rumors; which was basically posted on reddit.

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The Full Story of Blood Lake in PUBG

So above I have talk about a cave of Sanhok. If you have visited that cave once than you might have seen a tower. In that tower the girls was being sacrificed by removing head from their body. All these process are done in the tower because the mayan people wants the blood of the girls to be fallen in the lake inside that cave. After that the body is used to keep on the temple. And there in the temple their spirits was captured and imprisoned in the Nun Dolls.

And those who are being sacrificed their bodies was taken by a secret path. The secret path that you might have seen on the corner side of the cave. And you might have seen those big obstacles of rock so there the priests and the pundits used to stand up and stay when the process of sacrifice was done.

But after a while the lake was being converted into whole blood and this is due to a girl’s spirit. By mistakenly they have sacrificed an orphan girl who doesn’t have even a house to stay. And after she was being sacrificed her body was taken by none as she was orphan. So due to this her spirit was blocked on the cave itself. And sometimes peoples used to listen some disturbing noises such as “Help Me”.

Converting Bood Lake and Sky

So sometimes in the game if you are lucky and you are in that cave then you can see that the lake converted into a blood lake. And if you look straight up in sky then that is also converted into red sky. Isn’t it scary? So I don’t know whether it’s a glitch or the corporation of PUBG has installed it on the game intentionally.

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The Full Story of Nun Doll in PUBG.



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