The Unknown Facts about PUBG Part-II

The Unknown Facts about PUBG Part-II: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is probably one of the biggest games of the past year. And you might think that you are pretty good at PUBG. But are you sure that you know everything about the game? So hey guys, today I’m gonna tell you about some of the unknown facts about PUBG that you never known before. So if you have not got our previous article which is basically part I of The Unknown Facts about PUBG. Then just go ahead and read that. And this is basically the second part of that.

Controlling Motorcycles in Air

Yes, you can control motorcycles in air by holding space and control. Driving motorcycles is probably one of the most fun and dangerous things you can do in PUBG. These vehicles are really fast, really agile, and really easy to crash. I don’t know how many games of PUBG; I have lost just because I accidentally lost control of my bike and ended up faceplanting in the dirt.

It’s a pretty common way to go if you don’t know what you are doing on a bike; which is why it’s probably best that you know bikes have a couple of extra controls that no other vehicle in the game has so far. By using the space and control buttons you can actually adapt your movement in the air forwards and backwards; allowing you to angle the front of the bike up or down depending on how you are coming in for a landing.

If you use these new control abilities and learn how to master them you will pretty much never crash your bike from a badly timed jump again. Well as long as you don’t sail straight into a tree after the jump that is. There’s no way that angling your wheels in certain ways would save you from that.

Although if you decide to get really risky with your new found air control skills. You can start doing some pretty insane tricks. If you have ever wondered how people have been doing those front flips or back flips with their bikes it’s all to do with using the control and space buttons properly.

So next time you get a bike make sure to head over to the hills and give them your best try. And then probably land on your head a whole bunch as you figure out how to use them.

The Unknown Facts about PUBG.

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Moving While Healing

You can move after using a healing item. One of the most annoying things about PUBG is the fact that you can’t move while you are using meds. It does not matter if its bandages, a first aid kit, or a full blown med kit, you cannot move while you are using it. Even painkillers and energy drinks are affected by this.

Do you have any idea how much this game would change if you were able to do that? You would not have to stay pinned down while medding up. Or you would not have to just stand there in the blue zone while taking a whole bunch of damage and trying to heal it back up.

You could keep on the move at all times. It would just be better. Now I’m not gonna suddenly turn around and say that there is a way for you to move all throughout your medication process in PUBG. But I will say that you are probably doing it wrong. If you wait until the animation and timer is completely finished then you are wasting around a half a second of time. That does not sound like much right?

But if you are running to the blue zone or trying to fight back against an enemy on low health than half a second could be the difference between death and a chicken dinner.

Basically if you wait until the last half a second of the timer on your healing you will be able to move without canceling the entire animation and having to start again. You will still be healed and you will be able to move just a little bit quicker than usual.

Like I said it does not sound like much, but it really does help. Every second counts. Even half seconds.

Looking around freely

Hold alt to look around freely while moving your character. Have you ever found yourself getting shot in the back or just being a second too slow to turn around in a game of PUBG? Well that’s probably because you haven’t been using one simple tactic that will absolutely revolutionize the way you play the game.

Learning how to do this is probably the most important thing to do in PUBG next to learning how to aim properly. And I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess that most of you know this. But for those who don’t this is super important. You can actually look around without moving your player model.

Basically if you hold alt you can move your camera around without it affecting your player model at all. If you’re sitting in a corner of a room waiting for someone to come across your ambush then you can hold alt, look around, and your character will stay completely still.

If you are a little bit more brave and daring then you can run across the fields while look behind you or to the sides of you all while sprinting forwards. This little change to your gameplay will give you a superior level of tactical awareness allowing you to know where threats are coming from no matter which way you are running. And there you have it.

So any facts from the following, if known to you than don’t forget to mention in the comment section. Stay tuned for more such interesting stuff, till then keep sharing and we will be right back soon. Thank you.

The Unknown Facts about PUBG.


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