The Unknown Facts about PUBG
The Unknown Facts about PUBG

The Unknown Facts about PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is probably one of the biggest games of the past year. And you might think that you’re pretty good at PUBG. But are you sure that you know everything about the game? So hey guys, today I’m gonna tell you about some of the unknown facts about PUBG that you never known before.

The Unknown Facts about PUBG
The Unknown Facts about PUBG

Running Barefoot

Run barefoot because it’s quieter. You know all those awesome shoes that you can get in loot boxes on PUBG? All of them are completely useless. Why is that? Using shoes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is probably the worst thing that you could possibly do.

Having shoes on your feet makes your footsteps much louder than if you were just going barefoot; meaning you’re going to give away your position much easier. What you definitely need to do to help secure wins better in the game is just run around with no shoes on at all.

The softer footstep sounds are much harder to hear. Not only that, if you have no shoes on and your enemy does and you’re trying to listen for him; then the fact that you’re barefoot will make it much easier to distinguish your own footsteps from the footsteps of your enemies.

So basically not only are you able to walk around super quietly, you’re able to tell when other people are walking around easier. Sounds like there’s no downsides right? Well from a gameplay perspective you would be right.

You even run at the same speed as people who are wearing shoes. The only real issue is that now every time you get a pair of shoes from a loot box. You’ll know you just got something completely useless.

Don’t go Prone in the Grass

Don’t go prone in the grass. If you’re getting sniped. It might seem really tempting to go prone in the grass on PUBG. I mean surely if you lay down on the ground people won’t be able to see behind all the grass right? Well probably not. Because of how render distances work in PUBG. If you lie down on the grass while fighting against just about anyone; you’re going to be leaving yourself open.

Small bits of foliage like normal grass might look big enough to hide in when you’re up close. But if someone is looking at you from a distance that foliage just won’t work on keeping you hiding. Meaning that little patch of grass, you think you’re hidden in isn’t as safe as you thought. Even worse than that there are settings in the graphic menu of PUBG that actually make even less foliage render on your screen than usual.

This was meant to help people out, who couldn’t run the game with max settings. But good players quickly realized that by turning it way down, it suddenly became much easier to spot people; who are trying to be sneaky by crawling around in the grass.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t hide in any grass at all. There are certain grassy patches, usually in the fields of the maps, that are longer than your usual grass. This will render in much more often; meaning you’re less likely to get spotted by a sneaky sniper. Still it’s a pretty big risk, so unless you have either no choice but to go low as a last stitched attempt to survive.

Or the zone is small enough that you don’t need to worry about the grass not rendering. You really shouldn’t go onto the ground when you’re under fire.

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Holding your Breath

Holding your breathing’s. Yes, you can hold your breath while you’re aiming down sights. If you’re aiming down sights, you can actually use the shift button to hold your breath. And depending on the sights you have equipped a bunch of different effects could happen.

If you have just a standard sight like the Red Dot, the holographic sights, or even just the iron sights you’ll zoom in slightly. This obviously gives you a better and most stable shot for anyone that’s just a little bit too far away, for those types of sights to work normally.

If you’ve got a better sight than that, basically any of the scopes in the game; you’ll no longer be able to zoom in slightly when you push shift. Instead, your aim gets much more stable and you don’t get that annoying idle sway that can seriously make you miss your shots at longer ranges.

When holding your breath your gun stays dead straight allowing you to hit shots as far out as you want. Well, as long as your accuracy is pretty good I guess.

You do have to be careful when you do this though because it’s not like you can hold your breath forever. If you do hold your breath for too long then you’ll run out and won’t be able to hold your breath again for a while. This will recharge over time.

But if you run out at the wrong moment; it could basically be the difference between life and death.

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Canceling a Grenade Throw

Canceling a grenade throw. Yes, you can cancel a grenade throw. Have you ever accidentally pulled the pin on a grenade? When maybe you didn’t want to throw it? Maybe you’re worried that the explosion will draw attention or you haven’t got the right angle on your throw and you just accidentally clicked the button and now you have a live grenade in your hand.

You might think that your only two options are either to throw the grenade and waste it; or let it go off in your hands and die a horribly silly death.

But there’s another third option that could save you from this critical situation; that you probably haven’t considered trying. If you’re quick you can actually cancel your grenade throw by opening up your inventory; removing the grenade from the active slot of your inventory and straight back into your backpack.

You might think that this could just leave a live Grenade in your pack, but for some reason the game just cancels the throw all together. And that means the explosion too. Seriously this one can really help. If you’ve accidentally started throwing a grenade and you didn’t mean to.

A quick grenade throw can really change the course of a fight. So it’s probably just better that you don’t throw them away because you accidentally clicked the wrong button in a panic.

So any facts from the following, if known to you than don’t forget to mention in the comment section. Stay tuned for more such interesting stuff, till then keep sharing and we’ll be right back soon. Thank you.

The Unknown Facts about PUBG.




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