What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass_ Free and Elite Royale Pass (1)
What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass_ Free and Elite Royale Pass (1)

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass? Free and Elite Royale Pass

So today I’m going to publish this article on what is PUBG Mobile Royal Pass guide. Which contains everything about Elite and Free versions of the Royale Pass. That includes Royale Points, Cost, Rewards, Ranks, and Missions, etc. And after reading this whole article you will don’t have any confusion about this topic of PUBG Mobile. So let’s get started.

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass? Free and Elite Royale Pass.

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass_ Free and Elite Royale Pass (1)
What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass_ Free and Elite Royale Pass (1)

While playing PUBG Mobile; I have noticed that this is not that much interesting as compared to PUBG’s version of PC. There are lots of features that are uninstalled from PUBG and finally launched for mobile devices. Especially it’s graphics which is decreased more than anything. And I love personally the PC one. Well if you don’t have that high configuration PC that PUBG needed than you can simply play its mobile version or lite version as well. And if you wanna to purchase PC and wanna to know what best or minimum configuration needed for playing PUBG than go check out this Requirement of PUBG article. Here you can get minimum config as well as recommended config.

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass_ Free and Elite Royale Pass (1)

So here now they have launched a Royale Pass feature. Basically what it is? When the new update of version 0.6.0 has come on PUBG Mobile; it has introduced a new Royale Pass in PUBG. These divided into two parts: Free version and another one is the Elite version that has come on PUBG Mobile Royale Pass. If you have played Fortnite than you might have seen the Fortnite’s Battle Pass progress system; this Royale Pass works same on the PUBG’s system. And works really well for the Epics.

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass? Free and Elite Royale Pass.

Basically, you can now unlock many features in PUBG Mobile. Means you can unlock Cosmetic rewards, Battle Points and Experience boosters (EXP Boosters); which goes on gradually increasing when you play the game and rank your Elite Royale Pass or Free Royale Pass. You will don’t get much in the Royale Pass of free versions in the way of rewards. It will take a few ranks until you even sack something worth wearing. A glaring difference, Well, the Elite Royale Pass is filled to the overflow with plunder rewards.

So below we have written a detailed guide on everything you need to know about the free and elite pass of the new Royale pass on PUBG Mobile. So after that, you will be able to know that how the whole system actually works.

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What’s included with the Free Royale Pass?

So, To keep the things in the simplest way possible. If you play PUBG Mobile than surely you’ll have a Free Royale Pass infect every gamer that plays PUBG Mobile he/she will have a Free Royale Pass. So, how to earn rankings? If you want to earn rankings than; you have to compete in daily challenges. Or you can Challenge Missions. And by completing those tasks you will get some Royale Points and that will rank up your Free Royale Pass. Which can tops off in total up to 45 tiers.

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So when you have unlocked some tiers. Then you will be rewarded with some of the cosmetic items. Other than there are fewer tiers to unlock in the Elite Pass. But if you unlock any than in Elite Pass there were rewards in every tier unlock. And not this much also you will get 25 extra ranks too.

How much does the Elite Royale Pass cost?

So, first of all, you will get choices to choose from between two tiers; you can choose at your preferences.

  • Elite Upgrade Plus which is about 1,800 UC.
  • Elite Upgrade which is about 600 UC.

So you might be thinking that what the f*** sorry UC is? USA = Dollar, India = Rupee, like this way PUBG has its own in-game currency and that is UC. And if you want to get UC than you can only get this in the game by spending some real-life currencies like Dollars, Rupees, etc.

If you want to purchase Royale Pass and that one of your choice; then you just have to click the button which is on the bottom-right corner. And then you will be asked to spend some UC’s to get the Royale Pass. If you don’t have any UC’s in your wallet then click ok. Then you will be transferred to a new screen where you will be able to purchase some UC’s by spending some real life currencies. And after that, you will be able to purchase the Royale Pass of your choice.

Here you can see the various UC tiers:

  • 60 – US $0.99 or ₹71.379 approx
  • 180 (+10 extra) – US $2.99 or ₹215.579 approx
  • 600 (+60 extra) – US $9.99 or ₹720.279 approx
  • 1500 (+300 extra) – US $24.99 or ₹1801.779 approx
  • 3000 (+850 extra) – US $49.99 or ₹3604.279 approx
  • 6000 (+2,100 extra) – US $99.99 or ₹7209.279 approx

Note: Indian price can vary please check the current value before purchasing. What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass? Free and Elite Royale Pass.

  • Elite Upgrade Plus: $24.99 or ₹1801.779 approx
  • Elite Upgrade: $9.99 or ₹720.279 approx (Please check the Note above)

What bonuses do I get with the Elite and Elite Plus Royale Passes?

It depends on your choice of purchase, that which passes you have purchased.

In Elite Upgrade you can get

  • Unique Royale Pass icon.
  • You can get the permanent rare sweatshirt.
  • Unlock weekly elite missions.
  • Permanent rare weapon finish.

In Elite Plus Upgrade you can get

  • Unique Royale Pass icon.
  • Unlock weekly elite missions.
  • You can get permanent Wanderer Outfit.
  • Permanent rare sweatshirt.
  • Also, you can get the permanent rare weapon to finish.
  • Permanent rare airplane finish.
  • 20 ranks worth of Royale Points.

What new features do the Elite Royale Passes unlock?

Royale Points and Missions

You will be given challenges like “Complete 10 matches with friends” or “Get a Lvl 3 Helmet in 5 matches”. So when you will play PUBG it will complete gradually; means you don’t have to care about the challenges. You just go on playing, the challenges will gradually complete automatically. And the daily challenges or challenge missions come in a weekly basis.

Royale Pass Rewards List

  • Emotes.
  • Airplane finishes.
  • Rare avatar frames.
  • Weapon finishes.
  • Rare clothes and outfits.
  • Room cards.

Thanks for reading hope this will be helpful for you.

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass? Free and Elite Royale Pass.


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